Luxurious. Youthful. Affordable.
Hair color Remastered.


At Mix Color Bar, we believe that luxurious, healthy hair should be accessible and convenient.

Vibrant, healthy hair that fits into your busy schedule is what we do. And thanks to our System 21 technology, we get it right every time.

Color Menu

Your Customized Curated Color.

New Release $65

All over permanent color applied roots to ends. Includes client consultation to create the perfect color for each guest. Recommended add-ons include Request Blow-Dry and Played Out Treatment. Recommended to maintain with a Root Reboot and Gloss every 4 to 6 weeks.

Spin 45 Half Head Partial Highlights $65*

Half head highlights that give the illusion of a full head highlight. Goes Well with booking a Going Platinum Treatment and Request Blow-Dry as add-on services.

Root Reboot $45

Cover up to 1 inch of roots with a permanent color. Includes client consultation. We recommend adding a Request Blow-Dry and you are ready for a night out. Recommended to come every 4 to 6 weeks to retouch the roots. Add-on the Gloss for an all over refresh of color and shine.

Full Head Highlights $90*

Highlighting hair in every section of your head. A gentle, natural way of staying blonde or going blonde. Goes well with the Played Out Treatment and The Request Blow Dry.

Top Ten – Mini Highlights $30*

Contoured highlights placed to add dimension and brighten the face area. Recommended touch-ups 4 to 6 weeks. Goes well with New Release or Root Reboot.

Gloss Remix $30

Refresh color and boost shine with a semi-permanent color. Goes well with Root Reboot to refresh ends or refresh your existing color. Gloss adds shine to natural hair color. Gloss fades out of hair naturally. Goes well with a Request Blow-Dry for a ready style for a night out.

Balayage – Short Hair $120

Bayalage – Short Hair Length (Root to Shoulder) – Beautifully created free hand painted seamless high lights that give you bold or soft contoured shading. Recommended touch ups 8 to 12 weeks.

Balayage – Medium Hair $160

Bayalage – Medium Hair Length (Shoulder to Mid Back) – Beautifully created free hand painted seamless high lights that give you bold or soft contoured shading. Recommended touch ups 8 to 12 weeks.

Balayage – Long Hair $225

Bayalage – Long Hair Length (Mid Back to Lower Back) – Beautifully created free hand painted seamless high lights that give you bold or soft contoured shading. Recommended touch ups 8 to 12 weeks.

FX 1 – Beard Blend Remix $20

Designed for our gentlemen guest to restore that youthful beard with grey coverage or subtle grey blending.

FX2 – Hair Remix $30

Gentlemen guests choosing a custom curated color for all grey coverage or subtle grey reduction blending for hair only.

* = Long hair, which is described as past your mid-back, will have an additional $40 charge.

Treatment Menu

We believe healthy hair starts at the scalp.

Detox Reset Scalp Massage and Treatment $40

Scalp stimulating massage and detoxification products to purify and detox hair and scalp. Reduces redness or irritation on the scalp and prepares hair for color treatments. We recommend this treatment in between color services to keep hair and scalp fresh and brighten the dimensions in your color services, highlights or lowlights. Goes well with our Request Blow-Dry for an amazing invigorating and relaxing service.

Transform Hydration Treatment $20

Mix signature hydrating/conditioning treatment. Adds back needed moisture to over dry hair. This Treatment is recommended after color services if hair is parched and needs added moisture. Book the Request Blow-Dry add-on service to treat your in-between color services to add moisture and look amazing for a night out.

Played Out Protein and Hydration Treatment $20

Protein rebuilding and moisturizing treatment for over-processed hair. This treatment is recommended for highlights service to rebuild hair. We recommend adding this service as treatment to any service with our lighteners to rebuild the protein lost. Goes well with a Request Blow-Dry or Express Blow-Dry to leave you feeling ready for a meeting or night out.

Plex Bonding Treatment $20

This will help to protect your hair as you transition to healthier hair coloring services at Mix while giving you the results you seek and protecting your hair.

Finishing Menu

Put the Finishing Touches On…

The Request $35

Mix Signature Blow-Dry and Style with a round brush. Creates silky straight or voluminous curls finish. You will be ready for your next meeting with friends or a date night out.

Express Dry $22

Express tousled drying service, no style no round brush. We dry your hair with a flat brush to take out all the moisture and get you on your way to your next task.

Silk Press $70

Mix signature blow dry and flat iron finish. Allows natural coarse and thick hair to be sleek, straight and full of movement. Pop out of Mix ready for a night out, chill day at home or every day hair. Even better when paired with the Transform or Played Out hydrating and restructuring treatments.

Do It Yourself Bar

Utilize Mix’s Vibe Color Care products to dry and style your hair to be ready for the next adventure. Use our do it yourself bar styling station to dry your hair before leaving when your time is limited and you want a quick color touch up.

Walk out Wet

On the run. Let our specialists apply an air dry crème and get you out quick. Mix will provide you a cute Mix hair buff to make your walk out wet style naturally air dry.