The Customizable, Remastered Hair Color Mixperience.


Modern, Precise, Innovative Technology = Youthful, Shiny, Gorgeous Hair.

Mix DJ Mixologists blend a perfect custom hair color for you. Our Mix System 21 app allows us to create endless color combinations unique to you. No premixed boxed shades here; only custom-blended formula. 


90% Natural Ingredients

Ultra-gentle coloring that is gentle on the hair and scalp.

ECO wheat extracts to help reduce inflammation, replace moisture loss and prevent future hair damage. 

Bamboo extract to invigorate and strengthen the hair shaft. A nutrient rich ingredient, it offers iron, calcium and silicon to provide antioxidant benefits and improves general hair health.

Macadamia oilMacadamia oil for improving shine and strength. It includes proteins and lipids for vitamin B, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and nourishes hair follicles to leave hair silky and vibrant. Macadamia oil promotes suppleness, prevents scalp irritations and gives your hair a natural shine.

Keratin/Collagen plays an important role in strengthening hair and nails. Helps the hair to regenerate its strength, shine and flexibility and repair damage.

Loess healing clay boosts the color process. It adds to a more vigorous color result with improved durability.

Panthenol penetrates into deeper zones of the hair and smooths out rough outer layers. It improves moisture and gloss for beautiful, supple hair.