The call to quarantine couldn’t be any louder to curb the spread of the Corona virus. While it may be frightening, our frontline healthcare workers and first responders are doing the heavy lifting in the midst of this pandemic to keep us safe. They can only do so much and we have to help them. Practice social distancing or, even better, STAY AT HOME.

Unfortunately for most of us, this means dropping plans altogether and postponing our elective needs. Most businesses have been ordered to close to control the spread of COVID-19. While some people can telecommute or work-at-home, beauty professionals and hair colorists in particular, will not be able to employ this. We need to be in really close proximity to each other to color those stubborn grey roots and that is definitely not social distancing! But that’s okay, we’d rather be safe than sorry. However, this also means lesser or no income at all for such workers and salons (like us).


Call for Support #ShowYourRoots
As an up and coming hair color salon in Dallas, we here at Mix not only feel the impact of this global health crisis as a part of an industry, but also as an active member of the professional beauty community. We especially see its effect on individual stylists and small entrepreneurs.

The truth is we need your support as we go through the quarantine together. To highlight this concern, Modern Salon launched the #ShowYourRoots campaign in support of hairstylists globally. And Mix is one with them in this call to action. You can support this campaign in the simplest way possible – WAIT FOR US. Don’t give in to cabin fever! Let us help each other bounce back once this is over.


Giving Back to our Heroes
In line with this, Mix Hair Color Bar also aims to give back and we can’t do it without your help. From our doctors and nurses, to our therapists, lab technicians, and many others, Mix would like to extend our utmost appreciation for these heroes.

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Every day through April 24th, you can nominate a Health Care Hero for a free service (valued at $150.00!) which they can claim when things settle down and Mix re-opens. In the meantime, post your heroes’ stories on our Facebook and Instagram pages with #ThanksHealthHeroes to include them in the selection. We are grateful to our hardworking health care workers and this is our own little way to give them a boost.


Wait for your Stylist, Please!
If you’re still debating about getting that box of hair color at the pharmacy, grocery store or on-line, DON’T! Here are a couple of reason why you should maybe re-think that idea.

  • Hair color correction is EXPENSIVE. It can cost as much as $300! Yes. You read that right. We’ll take on hair color corrections any day, but do you really want to spend that much if you can easily avoid it?
  • This can be a time to let your roots recover its strength. If you’re impulsively trying to color your hair, you are probably not sure about what you are doing (no offense meant). It does take a certain amount of skill to apply hair color properly and selecting or mixing the perfect shade can be difficult. And since most likely your application won’t be perfect, there is a very good chance that you will be damaging your hair more with color results that are quite unexpected and possibly horrific!


Control those impulses!
Don’t waste the months of hard work that you and your colorist spent on getting your hair color picture perfect, just because you’re itching to fix those roots. If you do it wrong, you will end up with an even bigger problem – damaged hair and a potentially disastrous hair color result. Then you will have to live with those results because the salons are closed and there is no one available to correct it. If your roots are bothering you that much and you don’t want to live in shame (even if you are home and alone)… Go with it, get a fun wig, wear a scarf, a cap or a hat instead. But don’t touch those roots!

So, step far… FAR away from that hair color aisle at the grocery store or pharmacy while on quarantine. Save your roots for the best hair color salon in Dallas, Mix Hair Color Bar, and your trusty Mix Color Artist. We can’t wait to see you at the end of this pandemic and we will be here waiting with a perfect color just for you.

We are all in this together, so let your natural hair color shine (for now!).